4 things to look for in a Sahara guide

4 things to look for in a Sahara guide

So far we talked about places and activities that involved a lot of water, so for this post lets talk about sand, but not just any old beach sand, the Sahara desert sands. Lets talk about the 4 things your sahara guide will need to have for a great overnight experience in the Sahara desert.

1) the first and most important is a great sahara guide. You will be going deep into the Sahara, with endless oceans of sands in all different directions, so the last thing you want to have happen is getting lost. One of the many things people don’t realize is that sand is always on the move, a huge sand dune one day, will be a flat the next day. Of course you can count on GPS, but with Murphy always around the corner it is best to have a guide that knows the backyard.

2) the second is to have a sahara guide that can cook. You want to be able to enjoy all aspects of the experience. My guide was an amazing cook. He made flat bread in front of us, and then cooked it in the sand under the fire where he was making the rest of our meal. We also got typical arabic tea, I believe it was maghrebi mint tea, the one that is poured from a distance and produces a thick foam on top. The tea and the bread were really the highlight of the night, it was as if we were one of the bedouins roaming the desert centuries ago.

3) the third is a sahara guide that can drive, and I mean, really drive. Driving in sand dunes is something us men think we would be able to do, maybe so if it was at your local beach, but when your going up 300 foot walls of sand at an almost 50 degree angle you really need to know what your doing. You definitely don’t want to be flipping your only way home in no man’s land, between nowhere and nothing

4) the fourth is a sahara guide that knows the right spots to take you. It was amazing how we were guided thought the desert by our guide. All I would see was sand dunes after sand dunes, south seemed like it was north, and north seemed like it was west. A sand dune that you just passed was blown away in the distance, and when you least expected you end up in a beautiful oasis in the middle of nothing.

If your Sahara guide is good at these 4 things you are bound to have an amazing experience.


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