Abalone diving and the mysterious house

Abalone diving and the mysterious house

A few years back, Tim invited some childhood friends for a camping trip out in Mendocino County, to go diving for Abalone diving. Like many of us today, I didn’t even know what an abalone was, and only later came to find out the big black market behind it (check out this article about the dark side of Abalone diving Prized but Perilous Catch).

So there we were, in one of the many beach front campgrounds in Mendocino county. I would love to say which one, but I can’t. First, because I don’t remember; second, it is a family secret spot; and third, I’m still a bit scared of some of the events that happened. Yeah, that’s right, I still can’t explain some of the things that happened there. Believe it or not, it wasn’t the abalone diving.  Will get back to this story in a bit. Continue reading